Company History

February 2005General Manager of Chemical Plant Department at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. He left the company after serving as the director of the project development department and the secretary general of the Urban Environment and Energy Association (formerly the District Air Conditioning Association).
March 2005E. I. Engineering Co., Ltd. establishment
April 2008Energy simulation software Enepro21 Lite released
September 2008Energy simulation software Enepro21 Regular released
May 2010Released Etomas21, a software that complies with the revised Energy Conservation Law.
August 2010Enepro21 simulation software patent granted
November 2012Enepro21 Multi1 released
March 2013Enepro21 US patent granted
April 2014Enepro21 ver3 released Supports solar power generation and solar heat utilization
August 2016Power / heat load prediction system EPS21 released
September 2016Enepro21 Ver.4 released
April 2017EPS21 heat load prediction system patent granted
December 2017Launch of Enepro21 Expert, an optimal driving support system
December 2020Enepro21 Expert Optimal driving support system patent granted
December 2020Enepro21 Ver.5 released (Japanese / English switching)