Enepro21 World Edition Energy simulation

Development concept

Enepro21 WE Ver.2.0.0 released!

Basic development philosophy

Enepro21WE can flexibly respond to high-efficiency system design that matches the energy load characteristics of the region.
The annual operation of existing facility can be accurately reproduced, and this is  used as the base case. Being able to make accurate energy-saving diagnoses and propose renewals.
It should be “general-purpose technology software” that is easy for anyone involved in energy to use.
Enrich Online-Help, publish formulas, and eliminate black boxes.

Enepro21 World Edition Introduction Video

Features of Enepro21 World Edition

The annual operation record of existing facility can be reproduced with high accuracy, and the difference between the energy consumption by simulation and the energy consumption of actual facility can be within an error range of 1 to 2%. This can be achieved because the balance calculation of power, heat and flow rate can accurately reproduce the operating state.
In the balance calculation, each energy balance influences each other’s equipment, so the balance point is found by the iterative calculation of each balance and the whole iterative calculation through all the balances at the same time.
Regarding the balance of chilled water, hot water , not only the heat balance but also the “flow rate” balance of chilled water and hot water required by the secondary air conditioner is balanced, and the required number and the shared load factor of the chillers are determined.

Standard model flow of Enepro21 World Edition

Basic Structure

  1. Thermoelectric load, outside air temp., outside air wet bulb temp, chilled / hot water supply temperature and return temperature.
  2. Setting of equipment configuration of thermoelectric facility.
  3. Setting of equipment performance data, environmental load evaluation data, charge data, weather data.
  4. Setting the operation pattern (operation priority) of the equipment.

    Based on these settings, you can run the simulation accurately on any system built with a typical system flow.

No need to connect related equipment

For example, in the case of a chilled water unit, the chilled water pump, cooling water pump, and attached cooling tower are set as soon as the main chiller is set.

Enepro21World Edition License Overview

Provision of the reliable information and the consulting service.

Easy to build any heat source system

You can easily build a system by combining any system flow device.
The pump, attached cooling tower, and attached heat exchanger attached to the equipment are automatically connected.
The device type and type can be easily set by downloading from the “Enepro21 database”.
The simulation results are output as forms and graphs.
All data can be output in Excel format.

Enepro21 WE utilization data collection

We have prepared a collection of Enepro21 utilization data so that customers can easily execute simulations.
From the customer-specific site, access each database, download the necessary data, load it into Enepro21, and It can be easily simulated.

For customers who have licensed Enepro21 WE

Enepro21 Learning function by video

16 thematic training video
① Program configuration and project file
②Example of creating a thermoelectric load based on the basic unit method
③Example of creating a thermoelectric load based on actual measurement data (Excel)
④ Import / correction / activation of thermoelectric load data
⑤ Setting basic conditions
⑥ Construction of system configuration and use of equipment performance data collection
⑦ Pump power calculation and control method setting
⑧ Device model setting of system with CGS
⑨ Device model setting of system with heat storage
⑩ Operation plan settings and convenient functions / simple menu
⑪ Calculation execution and output of a system with CGS
⑫ Calculation execution and output of a system with heat storage
⑬ Example of comparative study of operating methods for systems with CGS
⑭ Secondary pump system settings
⑮ Summary of convenient functions
⑯ Basic concept of cold water balance