Heat source equipment Optimal operation support system

Enepro21 Expert Heat source equipment Optimal operation support system Enepro21 has been customized for each centralized heat source equipment and has evolved as an optimal operation support tool in cooperation with the power heat load prediction EPS21.
As regulations become more stringent due to the prevention of global warming, optimally operate heat source equipment such as power generation equipment, district heating and cooling, large buildings, factories, hospitals, leisure lands, museums, city halls, commercial facilities, etc. to reduce costs and CO2. It will be realized.

It was also adopted for large-scale regional development in the metropolitan area!

Needs for optimal driver assistance system

With the liberalization of electricity, the increase in renewable energy, the emergence of various tariffs,
and the introduction of carbon taxes, empirical driving will become difficult.
It will be difficult to secure skilled operators, and it will be difficult to manage by shifting operators due to soaring labor costs.
In order to cope with future labor shortages, it will be necessary to be able to respond to “unmanned driving” that integrates the optimal driving support system and RPA.

Enepro21 Expert configuration

It is an optimal driving support system that uses AI (Expert System) method, consisting of highly accurate “simulation function Enepro21”, “load prediction software EPS21”, and “optimal driving database”.

System features

Optimal driving support system using AI (expert system) method Creating a database of optimal driving patterns corresponding to the predicted load for each driving guideline The database of driving guidelines can be freely added.
Power, cold, hot, and steam load predictions can be predicted and combined for each building.
Quantitatively display the optimal daily operation pattern with “operation evaluation values”
(system COP, CO2 emissions, operating costs, peak power, etc.)
Flexible correction function by the operator
The operator can arbitrarily change the “load correction” and “operation schedule”, and the change result can be checked instantly with the “operation evaluation index”.
Driving analysis function Equipped with a function that allows the operator to learn optimal driving by calling any past day.

Easy-to-understand visualization of driving support

After loading the load, visually present the operation plan with one click operation.
The operation schedule displays the calorific value load pattern and the flow rate load pattern (switching display).
The operation schedule of the equipment is visually displayed by “capacity sharing” and “operation time”. The operation schedule after the change is also displayed instantly.
It is possible to visually recognize and respond to emergencies and emergency responses.
The learning effect of the operator is also great.

Effect of driving support system

Reduction of operating costs and reduction of CO2 emissions. Approximately 20% reduction is possible. Stable supply of energy Various preliminary studies are possible for changes in load.
The operation manager can quantitatively determine the optimum operation Operator education
(utilization of driving analysis function / learning for emergency response)
A system that can support future remote monitoring operation and fully automated operation.

Cooperation with central monitoring system

The operation schedule can be output in cooperation with the central monitoring system.
Data is received from central monitoring such as BEMS, and the “operation schedule” is output by this system.
Based on this, managers and operators can consider and determine the operation of equipment.