We provide consulting services such as energy saving, cost saving, and CO2 reduction by making full use of our in-house developed energy simulation software Enepro21.

  • Design and verification of energy equipment for offices, commercial facilities, hotels, hospitals, district heating and cooling.
  • Quantitative evaluation and examination of the effects of introducing renewable energy and cogeneration.
  • Examination of new energy equipment and proposal of optimal operation plan.
  • Proposal of operation improvement plan of existing energy equipment.
  • Specific consulting through case files for Enepro21 users.

Features of consulting

We make full use of Enepro21 to provide quantitative and concrete consulting. (Construction of base case, construction of objective case study and quantitative evaluation)
In the current status analysis, the current status of the equipment is reproduced with an error of 1 to 2% (base case construction) for diagnosis.
We provide step-by-step consulting according to customer needs.

  • Energy saving, cost saving, and CO2 reduction by improving equipment operation.
  • Energy saving, cost saving, and CO2 reduction through small investment.
  • Proposals for large-scale equipment changes and renewals

Software License

We provide original software such as Enepro21 under license. It is widely used by energy companies, heat supply companies, and design companies.

Basically, we ask you to renew the license every year. It also includes version upgrades and introductory courses.
Especially for Enepro21, we are preparing the following support as well as proceeding with the simulation by utilizing the “Enepro21 data collection” dedicated to our customers.

  • Startup training (free) and his upgrade training. (paid)
  • Extensive sample data that can be used immediately. (basic / advanced)
  • Explanation of simulation by movie (Youtube) and explanation of how to use. (basic / advanced)
  • Specific advice and consulting by exchanging case files with our engineers.
    (Consulting may be charged depending on the content)
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