Original Software

Original software ideal for designing and examining energy facility.
We develop original software that is useful for designing and examining energy facility, including Enepro21, and provide and sell licenses.

Enepro21 World Edition

2022 AHR EXPO Introducing Enepro21 WE to the world!

General-purpose energy simulation software. Simulation software that can accurately reproduce the balance of power, heat, and flow rate for the entire power generation equipment, heat source equipment, and photovoltaic power generation / solar heat utilization system by making full use of convergence calculation. It can be reproduced within an error range of 2%.

Optimal simulation software for optimal system design, analysis of existing equipment, renewal studies, and CO2 reduction studies. Basic software that can prevent global warming.
U.S. Patent US8,396,605B2
Patent: No. 4564594 Patent: No. 6118973 Patent: No. 6847429

Enepro21 World Edition Introduction Video

Enepro21 Expert Optimal operation support system

Optimal operation support software for centralized heat source facility(HVAC) using AI expert methods.
Software that combines Enepro21 and EPS21 to achieve energy savings, cost savings, and minimum CO2 operation according to the load of centralized heat source facility.
Patent: No. 6118975

EPS21 Power / heat load prediction system

It is a program that can accurately predict electric power and thermal energy by a unique and epoch-making method. For the same-day load, it is possible to predict the power / heat load without phase delay by cluster analysis and neighbor method from past data.
Patent: No. 6728323

Enepro21 Multi

Multi air conditioner simulation software for general-purpose buildings.
The indoor unit and outdoor unit can be planned for the load of each block, and simulation can be performed with the same function as Enepro21 World Edition according to the operating conditions.