Enepro21 Multi

We have developed software that can accurately simulate the energy consumption, system COP, CO2 emissions, and operating costs of a building’s multi-air conditioning system.

Features of Enepro21 Multi

1. About simulation calculation

  • The division including the heat load and multiple air conditioning systems (outdoor unit + indoor unit) corresponding to it is defined as “block”. Energy calculation and cost calculation can be performed in block units.
  • Even in tenant buildings and complex buildings that include multiple facilities, by dividing each block The system can be evaluated accurately.
  • If the heat load of the entire building is known but the heat load cannot be divided for each facility, The whole can as one block processed.

2. Heat load and pattern setting

  • It is assumed that the cooling load and heating load have been created. The heat load to be set is monthly and pattern-by-pattern. “Averaged” 24-hour value, for example, in the office, set in two patterns, weekdays and holidays.
  • It can also be set with a 365-day load pattern like a restaurant.
  • The load pattern can be set arbitrarily for each block according to the characteristics of each block.

3. Enepro21 Multi utilization data collection can be utilized

  • As with Enepro21 Regular, the following data is available on a dedicated site for ease of use by customers.
  • Equipment data: Prepare outdoor unit performance data and indoor unit performance data.
  • Environmental load data ・ Electricity charge data ・ Gas charge data ・ Temperature data
    * Outdoor unit (EHP, GHP) performance data includes partial load characteristics, outside air temperature characteristics, etc.

4. You can make detailed settings

  • Easy correction of capacity correction due to the equivalent length of the refrigerant pipe and the height difference between indoor and outdoor air with internal data
  • Set the heat loss of the refrigerant piping
  • Evaluation of watering effect of outdoor unit
  • Corrects the suction temperature of the outdoor unit in consideration of the involvement of the exhaust of the indoor unit.
  • Setting of COP deterioration of outdoor unit over time
  • Set the operating status of the indoor unit diligently -All output forms can be exported as Excel files, and output graphs can be exported as image files (JPG).